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Welcome to another bonus episode of October! On this episode Megan got the chance to interview the amazing Laura Bogen. You may have seen her videos on your for you page on Tik Tok! Laura talks all about soul contracts, manifesting, past lives, and so much more! We did take a different approach to this website. Megan details her entire year experience while spiritual awakening and embracing her abilities while Laura gives amazing advice and insight! This is definitely one you don't want to miss! Megan goes back into her past lives while Laura helps her process everything she's been experiencing up to this point!

To check out Laura make sure you follow her on all her social Medias and make sure to check out her book! Amazing Amazing Person! 

TIk Tok: @timesanillusion
Instagram: @lightwisewithlaura

Digging the new intro and outro music! Yep! We have new music and its by the awesome band Mauldin! Make sure to check out the song we used called Stacey Dahl! They have tons of other awesome songs as well! 

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