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Hey Ho, Lets Go!

Hey weirdos! Welcome to a full episode dedicated to the biggest event in human history: World War 2!  We’ve covered stories from WWII on the show before- like Hitler’s werewolf army and my home girl Betty Pack the snack!  But this week ALL of our stories are World War 2 stories and boy does it get WILD!

Ashley is joined by special guest and fan favorite of the show JOE OCHS who is a self proclaimed “Slut” and “White Dad” for WWII. Joe is going to be introducing us to yet another amazing female spy named Virginia Hall as well as a special unit of the military that was kept a secret for over forty years known as the “ghost army.”  Both of which combined saved hundreds of thousands of lives.

Ashley is going to be teaching us about the origins of foo fighters (no, not Dave Grohl’s band) and the many soldiers who reported seeing them over occupied Nazi territories as well as a theoretical super weapon known as “Die Glocke” or “The Bell” that may have made it’s way into the United States military’s hands and into a field in Kecksburg Pennsylvania in 1965…

God Bless the Allied Forces and may we always remember that it’s in service to our country that we punch nazis right in their f*cking face.