Black Eyed People, Shape Shifters and Uncanny Valley Encounters & Theories

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Some time ago, we discussed the chilling urban legend of The Black-Eyed Kids. Recently, we revisited this topic in our Camp Lejeune episode due to reports from individuals who claimed to have spotted what they referred to as “black-eyed kids” in the vicinity of the military base. Intrigued by the increasing number of similar stories circulating on social media, we felt it was appropriate to further explore this phenomenon. This time, however, we broadened our episode to include encounters with “black-eyed people” of all ages, not just children.

These encounters have allegedly taken place in various locations, such as grocery stores, late-night gas stations, and other isolated and desolate areas, including individuals’ own doorsteps. Additionally, we delved into unsettling encounters with individuals who exhibited peculiar behavior. Megan shares three particularly disturbing incidents that have left a lasting impression on her.

To discover our perspective on this matter and to hear Megan’s eerie and twisted stories, be sure to tune in to our newest episode out now!

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