Birds aren’t real, but they did kill JFK. Are we living in a Hologram?

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Hey Misfits, we have to settle a very important debate: are you a fork or a spoon person? Choose wisely. After taking us down this rabbit hole, Emmy kicks us off with an age old debate: are birds real, or did the government kill them to get them to stop pooping on our cars? I’ll let you figure that one on your own next time you’re wiping shit off of your windshield. During this segment, Emmy and Steve are also joined by a special guest, Rachel, a friend and adamant BAR (birds aren’t real) believer. Next, Steve takes us through a few wild theories about the universe. Are we living in a hologram? Are you doing something really embarrassing in another universe right now? Steve won’t be able to answer any of these questions, but he’ll sure as hell try.

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