Bigfoot Eyewitness Episode 318 (The Sasquatch Whisperer)

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Tonight’s guest, Lance Ebey, has had so many Bigfoot encounters, one of his friends calls him the Sasquatch Whisperer. If you listen to tonight’s show, you’ll see why he’s earned that appellation. Lance grew up in Northern Michigan, close to Traverse City, but in the country. He had his 1st sighting at the ripe age of 8 or 9. He was playing out in the front yard 1 day when he looked across the road and saw a Sasquatch looking at him. When he saw the Sasquatch, he screamed and when he did, his father and grandfather came running, concerned about what made him scream. That was just the 1st of numerous sightings and encounters he’s had. On tonight’s show, he’s going to share some of his sightings and encounters with you, but are several he’s had that he didn’t have time to share. He’s agreed to come back and share those other experiences, so don’t worry. He’ll be back.

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