Bigfoot Eyewitness Episode 29

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In 2009, tonight’s guest, Dave Leidy, went on a BFRO expedition. Having never been on one before, he didn’t know what to expect. He did come away from it with more experiences than he expected, though. Side Note… If it sounds like Dave is reading from his notes, at times, during this interview, it’s because he is. Before the interview, he told me that he had prepared extensive notes, documenting the experiences he had, on the 2009 expedition. He wanted to read from his notes, at times, during the interview, but I asked him not to. He was afraid he would forget too many important, pertinent pieces of information, from the expedition because the things he intended to talk about were numerous and had happened 7 years ago. Due to those concerns, he read from his notes, during parts of the interview. I know someone else who was there, with Dave, on that expedition, so I have zero doubts about the accuracy and/or authenticity of his claims, in this interview.