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Tonight’s guests are Jen and Jena, from She Squatchers, an all-female Sasquatch research team, based in Minnesota. Jen, a missing person’s psychic medium, is the team’s leader. Jen says she uses her skills as a psychic to help her find Sasquatch and Sasquatch evidence. Jena, who is intuitive/sensitive, describes herself as being a skeptic. She says that’s one of the reasons why she joined the team. She wanted to see if she could find concrete proof that Sasquatch really do exist. On tonight’s show, Jen and Jena are going to talk about various topics, including a very eventful first outing their team had, which included a close-range sighting (through a FLIR device), as well as other interesting things they’ve experienced and found while in the field. To learn more about She Squatchers, please go to SheSquatchers.com.

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