Bigfoot Attacks, Thunderbird, (guest) Zak Kuhn, founder of Nashville Briefing, and Ep. 10 of Kid Nation

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Hey misfits! This week Steve and Emmy actually live up to their logo by tackling some real-life cryptid stories — Steve takes on Bigfoot (a classic) and Emmy talks about the storm-inducing creature that shoots lighting bolts out of its eyes: the Thunderbird. Then we dive into an interview with a very special guest, Zak Kuhn! Whether he’s running sh*t at Backboard Entertainment, hosting his podcast (Zak Kuhn Show) or writing the very popular Nashville Briefing newsletter, Zak is always on the cutting edge of what’s new in the music industry. He tells us the behind the scenes of what it’s like to chat with some of the biggest names in country, the hilarious way he came up with the name “Backboard Entertainment”, what he would do if he was invisible for a day and so much more. To round out the episode, Steve and Emmy talk through episode 10 of Kid Nation — and it looks like Bonanza city may finally go off the rails for good under new leadership.

If you’d like to check out Zak, don’t fear. We’ve got a lot of places you can find him! To find the Nashville briefing, Backboard Entertainment, The Zak Kuhn Show, Twitter, and Instagram:

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