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During the first century BC construction was started on what would be a temple dedicated to the Roman god, Jupiter. This religious edifice was situated within the scenic Beqaa valley in the city, that was known then, as Heliopolis. The complex would see its completion around 60 AD and would be the largest temple ever to be constructed by the Romans dedicated to a deity. Every part of the structure was built to massive proportions and of a scale truly befitting that of the gods. Surrounded by towering columns that stood 62ft tall the Temple of Jupiter was part of a triumvirate with two other colossal temples which were dedicated to his wife, Astarte, and their son, Mercury. While the columns and temples are most certainly Roman, there are still secrets that lay buried beneath these ancient wonders. Within the foundation of the Temple of Jupiter are 3 cyclopean stones which puzzle archaeologists to this very day. All written records of the construction of the temples are lost to time and these huge stones defy all explanations on how they were moved from the suspected quarry 800m away. This case file, join the Theorists as they mull over monumental temple erections at the ancient city known as…Baalbek

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