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When a nine-year-old boy in Harrah, Washington, approximately 12 miles west of the city of Toppenish, told his mother a story about seeing strange creatures and their vehicles on the morning of a school day, she heard him out, and then sent him to school. His story would likely have gone no further, had it not been for a teacher’s aide who went with him back to his house during recess after hearing his story and believing him. This lead to the discovery of physical traces that backed up his story and an investigation by members of the Center for UFO Studies and a reporter from a local paper.

According to the article “Harrah Youth Reports UFOs With ‘Greenish Creatures,’” written by Frances Story and published in the January 26, 1977 Toppenish Review, nine-year-old Jose Cantu woke his mother up at 6:30 a.m. on Wednesday, January 19, wanting her to explain a “little man” he’d seen outside. His mother, Martha, had had a rough night with her baby and sent him away so she could get some more sleep. Jose then went out to investigate on his own.

Jose came back in and told his mother what he’d seen. According to him, there were two greenish creatures in the yard that were about three feet tall, and instead of having feet, they rotated on round bases. He said he saw two “steely” craft, one sitting in the yard and one on a flat section of the roof, and that there was a creature in each one. He said he observed all this while hiding behind a washing machine outside next to a shed.

As he watched, the two creatures in the yard returned to the vehicles. He said they had “straight stairs” leading to doors that opened “in two parts, like a cross,” and that there were two chairs with tall bases inside. The vehicles then rose up and disappeared into some sort of vaporous cloud. Read more →