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On December 17, 1969, a press release announced the closing of the Air Force’s UFO investigation, Project Blue Book. Despite this, the UFOs didn’t go away, and once the media stopped focusing on the end of Blue Book, stories of UFO sightings again made the news and graced the pages of many newspapers throughout 1970 and 1971. Toward the end of 1971, there was a case that would become a classic that was looked into by an investigator who would become well known as a specialist in UFO trace cases over the coming years.

In the November 5, 1971 Salinas Journal out of Kansas, there is an article (page 4 of link) headlined, “Delphos Youth Surprises UFO.” It is reported in the article that 15-year-old Ronald Johnson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Dural Johnson, “was doing his evening chores in the early dark Tuesday night.” This was November 2. He was with his dog, Snowball. Read more →