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2023 was quite a year for aliens in the news which included reports of creatures in a backyard in Las Vegas, alleged alien mummies being presented to the Mexican Congress, and an alien invasion of a shopping mall in Florida. In between, there were reports from a remote village in Peru of harrowing encounters with aliens that moved on hover boards. The story was first reported in Spanish by Radio Programas del Perú and quickly gained international coverage. The Daily Mail covered it with the same amount of detail as RPP for English speaking readers and published a follow-up article long after the story had seemingly been laid to rest by a somewhat implausible explanation by a spokesperson for the Peruvian National Prosecutor’s Office. A private paranormal investigator, Timothy Alberino, took it upon himself to look into the reports and found that they were widespread throughout the region. While the descriptions of the creatures and the encounters were quite strange and raised a lot of eyebrows, there is a history of these sorts of reports linked to outsiders seeking to exploit natural resources in areas occupied by indigenous people, often with little concern for their rights. Read more →