AudioBlog: A UFO and Occupants in British Columbia, Canada

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On January 1, 1970, the new year dawned in Canada with a UFO and occupants report. This was in the midst of a flap centered on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. It was investigated by John Magor, editor and publisher of the Canadian UFO Report, and he provided a report to the Victoria Times. The Victoria Times published an article on the case on page 1 of the January 5, 1970 edition (page 10 of link), and Magor published his version in the Volume 1, Number 7, summer issue of the Canadian UFO Report.

News indicating there was an ongoing flap in the area turns up in the December 22, 1969 edition (page 8 of link) of the Victorian Times under the headline “Look Up Islanders, The UFOs Are Watching You.” A sighting by four witnesses in the Ladysmith area is described. Two of the witnesses, Graham Toole, 21, and Albert Birkeland, 22, reported they were driving when they saw an object with three lights, white on top and red on the bottom. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Knight reported seeing what the reporter for the times wrote “must be the same object.” According to the article, they agreed with Toole and Birkeland that it “moved about a mile a second.” Mr. Knight said that he had seen an object in September where “you could see the cabin lights clearly.” The article also describes a “greyish saucer-shaped object with a transparent center” seen by five people over an elementary school in Duncan. Read more →