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The FAA has been historically close-mouthed when it comes to pilot UFO sightings and pilots often avoid filing official reports, as they can be damaging to one’s career. However, with the availability of live air traffic control feeds such as liveatc.net, listeners have occasionally come upon pilots talking about a sighting in real time. This recently happened to the operator of the YouTube site, Flight Simulator Fantasy, who posted a short containing the audio in mid-February. Given the nature of the site, the audio is most likely genuine.The posting on F.S.F. received limited news coverage. There is an article by Tom McGhie posted February 28, 2024, on the website of The Daily Star headlined “American Airlines Pilot’s Chilling UFO Radio Call as Mystery Craft “Went 180” in Seconds.” The article contains information from the F.S.F. site, including transcripts of key moments where the pilots describe what they’re seeing. According to McGhie, the news outlet reached out to Harrisburg Airport, the flight’s destination, for comment. Read more →