AudioBlog: A Country Singer, UFO Occupants, and Men in Black

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One of the most famous early abduction cases is that of Travis Walton in late 1975, which received a lot of attention and still fascinates many people to this day. Walton’s case was investigated primarily by the Aerial Phenomena Research Organization. In the midst of that investigation, APRO was contacted by Johnny Sands, a country western singer who claimed he had encountered two humanoids in the desert outside of Las Vegas, Nevada. It is perhaps because of the attention given to the Walton case, that Sand’s case has all but been forgotten. I might also be because it’s seriously weird.

According to Sands, in his report to APRO and in subsequent interviews with researcher Timothy Green Beckley, he was in Vegas to promote a new record with some live shows. He had been visiting the towns surrounding Las Vegas to see how much his record was being played on local radio and how many jukeboxes it was in, and on January 29, 1976 (Sands didn’t recall the exact date with Beckley), he had been in Pahrump, Nevada.

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