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In October of this year, the Royal Canadian Mint announced that it was putting out a coin celebrating a 1970 UFO case from the city of Duncan on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. This is the sixth in a series of the Mint’s Unexplained Phenomena series of 1 oz. $20 face value silver coins depicting famous Canadian UFO cases. TheDuncan incident, involving a sighting by a nurse working in the Cowichan District Hospital, occurred in the midst of a flap in the area. It was investigated by John Magor, editor and publisher of the Canadian UFO Report, and he provided a report to the Victoria Times. The Victoria Times published an article on the case on page 1 of the January 5, 1970 edition (page 10 of the pdf), and Magor published his version in the Volume 1, Number 7, summer issue of the Canadian UFO Report. News of the coin celebrating the incident prompted two men, who were both attending a party in the area at the time, to separately come forward, each with his own individual explanation of what was actually seen. We wrote about this incident in a blog headlined “A UFO and Occupants in British Columbia, Canada,” posted on the Podcast UFO website on July 16, 2022, which is where the description of the incident comes from.
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