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Please be patient while I reorganize my efforts to create a beautiful sounding program.  The foundation of my sound, my beloved RODECASTER Pro soundboard is gone.  I wasn’t able to turn it on and I sent it for repair.  I assume it is lost.  Nobody knows where it is and I sincerely hope it is found.  I feel naked without it.

What you hear tonight is me interviewing my guest Robert Russell on Zoom.  Robert of course sounds great, but I am without a mic interface (unable to plug my mics into my Mac) and have to use ear buds.  This experiment did not work as planned and I am hoping you can struggle through my poor sounding voice.

Sometimes a guest comes out of nowhere and things get real.

An email I received from my guest Robert Russell:

I have seen some bizarre things that make you blink twice and say to yourself “did I really see that”.  I grew up in SE Michigan (wish it was Montana, sounds like a much better place).  Middle class income, dad was a tool and die worker for an automotive company.  Two brothers, one older and one younger, I am a proverbial middle child.  57 now working as an engineer, been through a multitude of jobs due to this crap that started in 2008.  Had been battling chronic fatigue and anxiety all my life up until about 2018 I took my health back.  My awareness also expanded when I started healing myself (utilizing keto diet, eating nose to tail like we evolved for the last 2 million years, I figured every cell in your body is hardwired for that nutrient profile, figured it’s the right path and it is).    

Started watching Jeffery Mishlove (New Thinking Allowed), does a lot of paranormal stuff there, apparently he is the only person on the planet that holds a degree in Parapsychology from an accredited University (California).  Also started to really get interested in Remote Viewing, took class with Lori Williams (excellent course highly recommend it and affordable).  I then got hooked on a group of remove viewers on facebook called Remote Viewers & Remote Viewing, the one guy you interviewed David Powell belongs to that group, interesting stuff.    

They hold Friday interviews or have open discussions where anyone can Zoom in.  One in particular was with this woman Colleen Marenich.  She got so good she started teaching it.  However during this interview with her, she stated that better she got at remote viewing then she started seeing these shadow people.  At first they would be there in the corner of your eye and you go to look and they disappear.  Eventually she started seeing then directly all the time and whole families of them, really bizarre stuff.   Here is the link. 


My incident has to do with this phenomenon.   I have always been interested in UFO stuff, had several episodes of sleep paralysis when I was around 8-12 years old.  New I was paralyzed and had to fight my way back to consciousness which I did every time, always had the sense something was in the room with me.   My mother even told me when she was pregnant with me she saw two ufo’s out the back bedroom window of the house flying roof top high over the neighborhood moving East to West.  That was in ’64.  


Anyways back to the remote viewing, I had been practicing for several day doing a technique called ARV or Associated Remote Viewing which you can use to determine numbers for the lottery, I was focusing on the three pick (many people have had success with this techinique).  I have a typical automotive job, high stress, looking for retirement funds (no luck just yet).  Anyways,  I went to sleep one night and about 2am in the morning I woke out of my slumber (not moving just opening my eyes) and I could hear this growling.   We have a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel, she is all of 9 lbs and thinks shes a wolf, great dog.  That night she was sleeping up near my head.  She was growling at something and was not happy.   I rolled my eyes down, still not moving my head and I can see she is growling at something standing in the door to our bedroom.  At that moment I pop my head up and I can see this outline of something standing in my doorway looking at me.  I have tan covered walls and there are three small picture frames on the wall and can see the contrast of the dark pictures frames and the light covered wall.  There was something standing next to the frames, outline of either a grey or one of your IMO’s, kind of big head but slender, skinny body, spindly arms, head out of proportion of sorts to the rest of the body.  I cannot see any features on the face, it was very dark but contrasted very well with the light colored walls.  THEN IT MOVED!! As soon as it saw me raise my head IT RAN DOWNSTAIRS.  My dog immediately bolted after it.  Freaky thing is as it went down the stairs I HEARD THE CREAKING OF THE STAIRS, in other words it had mass.  Immediately I went after my dog.  As soon as I got downstairs I could see my dog standing in the middle of the living room, looking at the wall as if this thing walked through the wall. There was nothing, it was gone.   


So I wasn’t just seeing something.  To recap, I did not see it first, my dog did and was growling at it.  Then I had a visual!!  Then I had auditory confirmation due to the creaking of the stairs.  My dog ran after it.  This was very real and not my imagination, very freaky.   There has also been several nights I have woken to the dog growling at something, but each time I investigate I find nothing.  I told the remote viewing group about this and they say it happens to some people, you immediately become a beacon of sorts to the “others” when remote viewing and they come to investigate (that’s there explanation anyways).   


Maybe they have been there all along.  My mom’s sightings and my sleep paraysis may be connected.  My older brothers mother-in-law and sister in law also witnessed a disced shape saucer land midday at the cross streets just down the street from their house in Southfield MI, and then take off right away.   This was in the late 60’s during all the UFO sightings during the cold war. 


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