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Bailey Paranormal Co-founder and Lead Investigator Keith Bailey. Keith began to experience the paranormal at the age of 12 after his grandmother passed away. He was very close to his grandmother and her death fell heavily on him. Two weeks after her passing he would wake to find his grandmother standing at the foot of his bed. His initial fear turned to calm when he realized it was his grandmother. As if to say, ā€œIā€™m with you always.ā€ she reached out and gently held his foot. And with that the encounter was over. From then on, Keith knew his grandmother was watching over him, protecting and sheltering him. Over the past several years, Keith has begun to investigate on his own in hopes to help others who have experienced paranormal activity. To date, Keith has investigated numerous historically haunted locations, private homes and fire stations to help explain the paranormal activity going on within. He has also spent years attending paracons throughout the United States where he began to connect with many that he now calls colleagues. When he has questions about a subject matter he is unfamiliar, he turns to a plethora of friends and colleagues in the paranormal industry.