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Hello Spirit School Listeners! I’m so happy to be back with the April Spirit Messages. If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I had to step away from my business and my practice for three weeks in March due to a family emergency. It feels like yesterday that I recorded the last spirit messages and I feel like I’m not the only one who felt personally attacked by March!

I am starting a 12 month series of masterclasses that will begin in April with Discover Your Personal Session style. It is for anyone – whether you’re already serving the public or you’re aspiring to do so one day! No matter what your modality, you will learn about what your magic is that sets you apart. This course will be free for anyone in the Spirit School Collective and there will be a 90 minute Q&A in the community as well! You can also choose to just attend the masterclass.

April will be an exciting month in the collective as we have a few more classes and events!  Our guest mentor Lynn Tucknies is my Emotion Code practitioner and her sessions have been life changing for my family. We will also have classes on Chakras 101, Manifesting with Synchronicity and Clearing Low Vibrational Energies by members of the collective.

We are going to be moving to a new platform this summer and I am so excited for the expansion and changes I have planned for the Spirit School Collective!

Highlights from the April Spirit Messages

  • In March, I learned that in times of chaos, we learn a lot about ourselves and our priorities
  • I learned that I am a family first person even though I love working
  • Some of you may be the opposite, shifting your energy from being all about your family to find what lights you up 
  • When we aren’t making necessary shifts, chaos comes and we are fundamentally changed on the other side of it
  • We are surrounded with multiple conflicting truths at once and we get to choose ours
  • As a person with a positive bias, I am able to see beauty in the darker experiences
  • We have it backwards when we try to control things we can’t and are apathetic to the things we can
  • A lot of people feel stuck in jobs and situations that they could choose to change
  • Confidence comes from knowing who you are first, not validation
  • The other side of mediumship development is the human part that shows up  


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