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I am so excited to be here with your April Spirit messages. I have not felt this energy for a long time. The world of Spirit came through so strong with the message, ‘Don’t forget you came here to live. You came here to live an expansive life. You came here to live a life that is not meant to be easy. That is not meant to be smooth all the time. Do not forget you came here to live. We did not come here to merely survive.’
There’s an opportunity coming into April to tap into this life force that is all around us. In the recording, you will hear that I feel absolutely giddy, and I hope you will feel the contagiousness of Spirit’s presence. I could not get to the microphone quick enough to record these messages because it was just coming in so strong, this energy that Spirit wants people to feel.
The invitation at the end of this episode is quite new. I’m inviting you to dance with me. If you know me, you know I do not dance!
Note: Due to the sound quality in the recording, you can click on one of the links for your personal dance party.
Song: My Love is Your Love by Whitney Houston
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In this episode:

  • We did not come here to chase the next thing constantly.
  • It is up to us to continue to expand on this path and to continue to expand through the hurdles and road bumps that come our way.
  • We are signifying the re-emergence of Mother Earth in the northern hemisphere.
  • A big word that Spirit is giving me revitalization.
  • Tap into that life force and allow it to grow inside of you.
  • An activation of life force continues to move through us.
  • Remember that only the most courageous have chosen to come forward during this time.
  • Set out a new course for a new way of being on this planet, a new way of being in community with one another.
  • We need to get uncomfortable before we can tap into a higher vision of newness.
  • We can pave a path forward that is more aligned with what we want to see for ourselves, our families and the collective.
  • The world of Spirit is letting us know that a new awareness is coming.
  • It takes courage to pave a path that has yet to be walked.
  • The guides are very close for April.
  • We enter a new year for the astrological calendar of April.
  • We haven’t been alone on this journey; our next steps will not be misguided.
  • If we are stuck in a cycle of old ways of being with ourselves and each other, we must choose new thoughts.
  • We have to feel worthy of this life force and revitalization to move it through us.
  • I am here to remind you that you were born worthy, and nothing has changed.
  • The month of April is asking you to assess your wheel of life.
  • Where does your desire for change want to guide you?
  • We all are amplifiers of energy, and we get to choose what kind of energy radiates through us.
  • There has been a lot of deep spiritual work in the winter months, and the world of Spirit applauds you for meeting your shadow.
  • You are free to move on to a lighter path and trust that the lingering energetics of everything you worked on through the winter will be completed as you move forward.
  • We have to stop thinking about things as being so linear.
  • There is a lot of focus on love relationships coming up into spring; we’re willing to be more vulnerable and more ourselves around each other.
  • We cannot hide our deepest sense of self anymore.
  • If we have not done the work to allow our most vulnerable sides to come through, we will enter this season feeling very naked.
  • We are going to be finding much deeper relationships in our lives.