Anything Ghost Show #294 – A Newly Built Home is Haunted, A Haunted Home in Missouri, A Ghost at the Westmont House, and Many More True Stories!

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  1. Brittni (Spokane, Washington) – Newly Built Haunted Home
  2. Anna (US) – Grim Reaper in the Bayou Break: Narrated by Horror Film Star Brinke Stevens and Rodd Matsui
  3. Rodd (Los Angeles, California) – Some Local Ghost Legends of Southern California
  4. Crystal (Missouri, US) – A Haunted Home in Missouri (from Episode 259, July 2012) As Autumn Falls – Lex Wahl
  5. Brittni (Spokane, Washington) – A Black Cat, or a Young Boy in Meridian, Idaho?
  6. Tim (Chicago, Illinois) – A Ghost at the Westmont House (1912)