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Heyo Misfits! Do you like animals? How about drugs? Well then you’re in luck, because this week Steve and Emmy are talking about LSD Dolphins and Cocaine Hippos. Yup, that’s right — Emmy takes us through a wild 1960’s LSD study… conducted with dolphins. Then, Steve talks about hippos owned by the notorious Pablo Escobar. Then, the two finish off the episode with Ep. 11 of Kid Nation — and the kids look like they finally may go back to school. Don’t forget to check out our friends at Ladies Fright podcast: If you want to hear more from Steve and Emmy (and why wouldn’t you), remember to tune in every Thursday for more mind-blowing and hysterical content. You can also check out our blog on our website: misfitsandmysteries.com And be sure to follow us on Twitter and Instagram: @podcast_misfits !