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Throughout ancient cultures around the world, stories contain certain divine weapons forged by the gods themselves. Objects formed and imbued with the primal energies that comprise the very essence of the universe itself. Some of the weapons are wielded by mortals in the form of earthly weapons. Others are reserved for the gods, simply because of the sheer destructive potential some of them possess. These celestial armaments take the form of thunderbolts, fireballs, and some are simply massive waves of total annihilation. Some scholars have begun to question the descriptions of these relics as to whether they could possibly represent, what we would now recognize as, something akin to modern-day atomic weapons. Not only do the supporters of this theory point to accounts translated from ancient texts but also claim that certain archeological and geological sites present physical evidence of the deployment of radiation-producing weapons in ancient times. This case file, join the Theorists as they drop the bomb and stride across the wastelands of…Ancient Atomic Weapons

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