Alt Media United Holiday Swapcast!

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Alt Media United is a Podcast Cooperative, I Founded in 2020, to help ensure podcasting remains a platform for free speech and open discourse. This was planned last minute and there are many many more podcasters who unfortunately were not able to join us check them out at for those who were able to join we discussed 2020-2021 weirdness, our favorite conversations and moments, and our thoughts on what 2022 will bring here are their links:

Bootsy Greenwood, Owen Hunt, Blue Collar Mystics
Deplorable Janet
Christopher Prosser, The Mensa Podcast
Chance Garton, Innerverse Podcast
Dannunaki Dan and Roman, Rising From The Ashes Podcast
Jimi and Rich Airey, Airey Brothers Radio
Juan, Juan on Juan Podcast
Big Dumb Podcast’s Kyle
Ron From New England, Wicked Planet Podcast
Sara, Awake Not Woke Podcast
Steve, Slow News Day Show
and Mark, My Family Thinks I’m Crazy

Alt Media United

Music: Campanas 
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