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Episode Notes

An absolute nostalgic delight, the Weekly World News entertained and…informed?…millions during its life from the late 70s into the 21st century. While you may remember Bat Boy, the WWN also–at least in in its early years, covered some fairly significant UFO stories. We’ll see the progression from covering cases like Cash-Landrum and cattle mutilations to reporting that an alien had endorsed Bill Clinton for the 1992 Presidential election. We’ll also look at some of the other great features in the paper, including Dear Dottie’s advice column.
Further Information
Explore every issue from 1981 to 2007, thanks to Google Books!
Curt Collins’s piece on Bill English’s role in the Cash-Landrum case, including some insight into the relationship between UFO organizations and tabloids.
The Archives for the Unexplained has the 1981 issue of the UFO NewsClipping service which features the story on Baridiame, Senegal.

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