Aliens, Death Doula Work, Developing Awareness and Healing Through Mediumship

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In this episode, I delve into a variety of deeply intriguing and spiritual topics based on questions from the free Spirit School Community. I share personal anecdotes and professional insights on encounters with aliens, dealing with negative feedback, the profound experience of death doula work, and the transformative power of mediumship and healing. 
My favourite way to work is to respond to the questions and experiences of my students, so I love a good Q+A session! This episode was from a live I did in my free online community, but I also include these sessions in my other containers. We’re in the last month of the Winter 2024 Spirit School Masterminds and it has been deeply fulfilling to be so connected to the development of such amazing lightworkers. In fact, I’ve decided to do two 3-month Masterminds from May to July 2024.
For summer 2024, there will be one Expanding Mediumship Mastermind for those looking for advanced mediumship development, and The Declaration will be a container for people who have established their spiritual business and are looking to move beyond the foundations. Sign up for the waitlist for the opportunity to apply for any spots left on April 5 after my current mastermind and Collective members have snagged theirs!
Topics from this episode:

  • Alien experiences
  • Fears around mediumship
  • Why would spirit bring up traumatic events?
  • Dealing with skeptics
  • Addressing negative feedback
  • Consent for non-verbal folks
  • Rebounding from a “no” in a reading
  • Differentiating between guides and their signs
  • Integrating spiritual and human worlds
  • Insights on Death Doula work
  • Mediumship and healing
  • Patterns in readings

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