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IN THIS EPISODE: It’s one of the most gruesome ways movie and television villains dispose of their victims… the acid bath. The body being tossed in a tub, barrel, or bin, slowly dissolving into soup – leaving no evidence behind. But the truth of acid baths is far more gruesome – even more so those who choose to use the method to get rid of a body. (Acid Bath Horrors) *** Defiance, Ohio was the location for one of the best true werewolf stories most people never talk about. (Welcome to Werewolf Central) *** If you’re looking for some creepy places to visit this Halloween season, you can’t get much creepier than cemeteries and graveyards. I’ll share some of the most haunted ones that you might want to check out if you have ice in your veins. (The World’s Most Haunted Graveyards) *** The scenery may be beautiful when driving this road, but locals have nicknamed it la carretera de la muerte (the highway of death). We’ll look at Mexico’s La Rumorosa Highway. (The La Rumorosa Hauntings) *** Many considered Edward Rulloff to be a genius – a man ahead of his time. Others had quite the opposite opinion of him, thinking him a fraud or a conman. But nobody expected they would also be adding the word “killer” to his description. (Genius, Conman, Killer)

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Originally aired: March 14, 2023

PARTIAL TRANSCRIPT: https://weirddarkness.com/acid-bath-horrors/