A Strange Little Place, with Brennan Storr

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Have you ever heard of the haunted town of Revelstoke? It’s a strange little place tucked away in western Canada, and it has a paranormal history stretching back almost 100 years, including everything from ghosts, to UFOs, to gremlins and sasquatch. Think of it as a Canadian Skinwalker Ranch, but with exceptional coffee and baked goods. Revelstoke is also the home of our very own Brennan Storr, who wrote his book on the subject: “A Strange Little Place: The Hauntings and Unexplained Events of One Small Town”.

On this episode Brennan tells us about all that haunted history and we try to understand a paranormal experience he had on his most recent visit home.

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Music on this Episode:

Intro/Outro: “Radio” by Podzontommusic 

Bumpers: “My Harlem Days 1” by Jan Chmelar 

               “Open All Night” by Christian Nanzell

“Radio” is used by permission, all other music is licensed through Epidemic Sound.

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