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When Michelle’s daughter was in pre-school, she would obsessively collect rocks. “One in particular, a large shiny one that she painted, she had me place on the kitchen window sill,” remembers Michelle. “It stayed on the kitchen window sill for at least two years before I realised what a treasure it actually was.”

That moment came after Michelle’s beloved mother passed away in 2012. “Mum and I shared a strong belief in the spirit world and the continuance of the soul/consciousness after physical death, so I was satisfied, at the time of her passing, that I would ‘hear’ from her again,” explains Michelle, who recently shared her story with me on The Ghost Files podcast.

When three months passed without any sign, Michelle felt stricken by doubt, panic and grief. One night, she put out a desperate plea: “Please mum, if you’re there, please just send me a sign.” That night, she dreamt she was standing outside a cordoned-off area which she knew to be some kind of memorial for her mum. There was something on the ground, and Michelle understood she was to take note of it. Looking closely, she realised it was the painted rock from her window sill.

Upon waking, Michelle went straight to the kitchen window – and gasped. “No way, no way,” she marvelled. Here at last was the sign Michelle wanted, but it wouldn’t be the only time her mother communicated. Tune into The Ghost Files podcast for the full story.

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