A Long and Treacherous Journey

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On this episode of Expanded Perspectives, Kyle starts the show off by talking about how he and his son Luke were involved in a recent Tornado in downtown Weatherford, Texas. Then, a woman in Sussex County, New Jersey, encounters something she believes is a Glimmer Man! The strange entity was stalking her in the nearby woods. Next, a person in Michigan says two large Sasquatch like creatures followed him and his daughters while out riding 4 wheelers.

After the break, Kyle tells the horrific story of a group of settlers who faced insurmountable odds while crossing the Rocky Mountains. If it had worked out differently, the group of settlers that came to be known as the Donner Party would have slipped over the Sierra Nevada into California—and obscurity. But poor planning, a series of bad decisions, and early snowstorms caused 60 of the original pioneers to become stranded in the mountains during the winter of 1846. And as hypothermia set in and food ran out, many resorted to that greatest of human taboos: cannibalism.

All of this and more on this installment of Expanded Perspectives!

Show Notes:


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