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Cian invites James Harding from Toronto 16-bit rockers Villainest to the cabin for a chat about the 1977 Japanese movie ‘House.’ Frequently noted for its strangeness, Cian and James push past appearances to discuss the context in which the film was made in order to appreciate the creativity and joy this experimental haunted house movie brings! Topics include:

-Villainest’s amazing reworking of the ‘House’ theme (stick around till the end for the full track!)

-memories of limited access to Japanese cinema when we were younger

-memories of the Tartan Asia Extreme series

-Japanese cinema during the 1970s and the effect of Jaws & blockbusters

-Nobuhiko Obayashi’s background in advertising

-The genesis of ‘House’ as a child’s dream-logic

-Memories of the atomic bomb and clashes of culture in 20th-century Japanese films




Check out the amazing work of Villainest, James’ band, here:


Listen to the Villainest cover of the House theme music

Listen here

Listen to the amazing Rex Viper doing Mighty Wings, with James on lead vocals!

Listen here