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Richard welcomes a former Search and Rescue EMT and Mountain Guide who reveals some of the weird paranormal encounters residents and visitors to the Columbia River Gorge are reporting, including sightings of Sasquatch, UFOs, Little People, and a giant panther-like cat with the head of an ape. He reveals his own bizarre time slip experience inside an area of the Gorge called Broke Leg Barrows.

GUEST: James Szubski is the Chief Operating Officer of Margie’s Outdoor Store located deep within the Columbia River Gorge in Washington State. In 2022, his store initiated a paranormal reporting program which has now received well over one hundred reports of strange activity in the Gorge area. James is a former volunteer Search & Rescue EMT, a wildland firefighter, a mountain guide, and a highly decorated US Army infantry veteran. He earned a degree in communications from The Evergreen State College and has enjoyed a decades-long career in that field working for companies like Wizards of the Coast the makers of Dungeons & Dragons and Magic the Gathering. He currently volunteers his time as the leader of the Klickitat Ape Cat Research Team.





Arcane Adventure Maps – Full color guides to paranormal hotspots within the Gorge. Currently only available at Margie’s Outdoor Store in Bingen Washington.


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