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(Explicit) Elijah and Will are just a couple of harmless guys digging into weird things they don't know much about and trying to figure out what the hell is happening in the world outside of their homes. Do they get things wrong? Without a doubt! Are they learning from their mistakes? Not anytime soon. Is this crap entertaining? Their wives claim they're entertained and if they're entertained does anyone else really matter? Listen in as they dive into all manners of subjects as they Bring On The Weird.

94 – Change Shortage/Cashless Society

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I’m sure you’ve all noticed the businesses in your area saying they need change like a struggling musician playing his bucket drums on the street corner. What happened to all the change? Did it vanish? Is it being hoarded by “preppers”? Is change even needed in society today? We dive into quite a few theories and talk about our thoughts on the matter and veer off course as always. Grab a beer and your state quarter map and settle in as we bring on the weird!

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