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The episode where we talk about all things paranormal and spooky! This week we’re gonna start off recapping our vacations where we got to unofficially explore some haunted locations! The stories start at 20:22 where Sarah is gonna go first with the Vallecas case which inspired the movie, “Veronica”. Buckle up, this one is a wild ride through demonic possession and Ouija boards. Next is Lindsey with what we’re gonna call haunted Hollywood…the real life hauntings behind the filming of some of our favorite classic horror films. Many of these movies were said to be cursed, and we’re gonna talk about them all! Last is Boydston, taking us to Transylvania for the world’s most haunted forest, the Hoia Baciu Forest. She sets us up perfectly for several “that’s what she said” jokes, so take a shot for every one you hear!

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