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In Episode 601: Vegas Backyard UFO Crash, Ryan Burns returns to share new evidence surrounding the Las Vegas UFO crash that occurred in the summer of 2023. The narrative revolves around a family’s startling experience as they witness a mysterious craft crash landing in their backyard, leading to an encounter with towering, non-human entities. The investigation gains an added layer of intrigue due to its alignment with esoteric timelines like Walpurgis Night and Beltane, contributing an aura of mysticism to the already shocking events. As Ryan dug deeper, he unveiled connections to the Bigelow Aerospace Corporation, a center for classified government programs studying UFOs, and explores the multifaceted layers of government involvement, including a peculiar military-grade storage container linked to national security.
This story weaves a  captivating web into the exploration of the UFO story of the century, marked by its complex connections, esoteric undertones, and the interplay between government secrecy and extraterrestrial phenomena.

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