6.4 | Strange Encounters in Liminal Spaces – True Paranormal Stories

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Hey Gang! Join us tonight – in the lands between – where we’ll be investigating the strange ether that lingers in Liminal Spaces and tethers the unknown to enchanting places: Dead Malls, Airport Terminals, Hotel Hallways, The Freakin Beach! – These are places of transition, harnessed energy, and home to the often encountered Uncanny. This is gonna be a fun one!

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There ARE places, that exist as ghosts: an abandoned shopping mall, its once bustling food courts now silent, or an empty amusement park where the laughter of children is now only echoed by creaking steel in a lonely wind. These are places in transition, neither fully here nor there, where the divide between the mundane and the mystical is thinning.

What lurks in the shadows of these spaces? Are they merely unsettled landscapes disappearing in time, or can they serve as literal gateways to the beyond?

From childhood imposters encountered in uncanny lands, to stalking doppelgängers on your routine bus ride, join on us as we uncover unsettling accounts in liminal spaces- and explore the boundary-lands that exist at the edge of worlds, those both known and yet to be discovered

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⏰ Timestamps
00:00 | Episode Trailer
02:25 | Coming up: Strange encounters in liminal space locations
02:38 | What is liminal space? The vibe, the psychology and liminal physical environments
08:33 | The paranormal connection: Liminal Space as a conduit for high strangeness
09:24 | 37th parallel, Ley lines, Goatman, Mothman and John Keel
11:43 | The Liminal as a Home for Tricksters
14:54 | The Fence and the Field | Anonymous | Abington MA, USA | 1991
24:02 | The Men’s Department Smiler | Barbara | 2008 | Century III Mall
31:03 | Expansion Preview
36:47 | Episode Sponsored by FACTOR | Code: BELIEFHOLE50
45:15 | Time Travelers at Wendy’s | Jeremy P | 1987
48:01 | Cursed Beach of the Monkey Man | Ryan | Mastic Beach NY | 1990-1993
53:48 | Why do shadow people lurk in doorways? – Homespun Haints
1:00:07 | Jogger Witness’ Beach Abduction | Tallaboa Puerto Rico | 1979
1:05:25 | Doppelganger in Transit – Natalie | Norfolk, UK | 2013-2016
1:07:09 | Jon’s dance club mimic | Canada
1:24:26 | Thank Yous!

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