6.2 | A Deadly Dogman: Land Between the Lakes

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Straddling the divide of Kentucky and Tennessee is the land between the lakes. Once a land between the rivers, a desire for progress would lead to the damming of these ancient waterways, reshaping the land, submerging graveyards, and displacing generations of families who had called this place home for over 200 years. And from this tragic moment, what darkness may be feeding?

In the early 1980s, whispers of an unspeakable slaughter began to seep throughout the LBL. An attack by a creature that shouldn’t exist. But what if it’s real?

Join us as we lay out the tale, review new eyewitness testimony, and examine the alleged conspiracy of silence in the arguably darkest of dogman legends. The beast of the land between the Lakes.

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00:00 | Episode Trailer
08:33 | What is the Land Between the Lakes?
14:40 | The Legend Begins – Birth Of A Beast
17:25 | Gas Station Aftermath Testimony | 1980’s| Jan Thompson
28:17 | Skeptical Explanation: Real Murders of 1980 Conflation
34:00 | Dogman Deathbed Confession Setup
38:25 | Family Murdered in the LBL – Deathbed Confession | “Glen” Clip
40:08 | What Did it Look Like | “Glen” Clip
43:53 | The Aftermath | “Glen” Clip
45:44 | Coming Forward | “Glen” Clip
50:35 | Episode Sponsored by FACTOR| Code: BELIEFHOLE50 For 50% off
53:25 | 1993 – LBL Dogman Bigfoot Attack | Martin Groves (Retired Sheriff) | Setup
55:08 | LBL Hunter Warning Manifests as Stalking Creature  | Martin Graves Clip
1:07:32 | Dogman Appears at campsite | Martin Graves Clip
1:16:35 | Dogman theories, and more Martin LBL Account Discussion in Expansion
1:26:05 | Stinger | Shay

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