6.1 Strange Listener Stories 24 | Mirror Demons, Giant Roadside Arachnids, Beach House Ghosts, and Telepathic Fire

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The fading light washes the tree line, and shadows are beginning to bleed down the alleyways. And the secret things tucked within the dark corners of our world are waking up and are stepping out into the gloom.  You may not see them, but they are definitely watching you!

From Mirror Jumping Demons and Gigantic Roadside Arachnids to Beach House Boogeymen and Telepathic Fire

Join us On this episode of Belief Hole, as we endeavor to adjust the frequencies of reality, and tune into the real, and truly unexplained happenings that are just on the other side of the Belief Hole.

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00:00 | Episode Trailer
02:32 | Announcement: Listener Stories Archive Online: https://bit.ly/listener-stories
03:00 | Coming Up: Possessed Basement Mirrors, Giant Mountain Spiders, Haunted Beach Houses, and Black Smith Mind-Melds with Sentient Fire.
04:14 | Fire Talker | Speak Pipe | Steve
15:09 | It Followed Me from the Farmhouse| Huntersville, NC|2003 | Dan
29:34 | The Beach House | South Port, NC | May 2023|Cameron
43:57 | Google Podcast Announcement
45:30 | Expansion Preview
56:47 | The Basement Mirror | Westminster |Dec 29th, 2015| Jamie
1:05:27 | 8-Legged Mountain Freak | North Carolina | Dillon Beyond
1:12:29 | J’ba FoFi | Giant Spider of the Congo Basin
1:13:43 | 1938 J’ba FoFi Encounter | Reginald and Margurite Lloyd
1:15:48 | J’ba FoFi Caught on Camera
1:21:49 | I know you can see them| London |Dec 1998| Cinzia
1:25:18 | The Demon Portal | Southeast England | Fran
1:33:56 | Thank Yous
1:44:46 | Merch and Discord Coming Soon! Thanks Brad, Sam, and Uncle Slommer 🙌
1:46:00 | Our Studio is Haunted by a Smoking Ghost

📚Full Show Notes: