52 : The Wing-ed Creatures and Satan’s Office

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The episode where we talk about all things paranormal and also the High Moons hit a little too hard. Lindsey starts us off with a skeptic’s story out of Toronto, Canada. This is the story of the Phillip Experiment, a parapsychology experiment conducted to test the existence of ghosts. Mensa, watch out…actually, no, we definitely do not belong in this group. Next up is Sarah with Helltown, Ohio…the story behind “The Highway to Hell” (not really). We have learning hour here where Lindsey learns how to pronounce “coup”. Finally is Boydston who takes us international to the Czech Republic to the Houska Castle, one of the most haunted locations in the world. This place has everything…Edward, werewolves, demons, a gateway to hell, and Satan’s office…AKA Toby’s cubicle. You’re welcome for the sound effects from Sarah and Lindsey.


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