5.9 | High Desert Horror! Alien Invasion, Desert Witches and Bigfoot Abduction

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For decades, witnesses have reported strange encounters with striking similarities- accounts of indescribable craft covertly seeding the high desert with nightmarish red-eyed creatures. A terrifying pattern has emerged. Stretching out in its haunting expanse, the high desert whispers of chilling tales.

From desert demons and dumpster-diving alien imposters to black-eyed witches and canyon creature attacks, Join us as we wander these lands of eerie beauty, and explore the uniquely bizarre true accounts of mystery and horror in the high desert! CHECK OUT THIS PODCAST! Southern Gothic 🔥👻 SouthernGothicMedia.com/follow

📚SHOW NOTES https://beliefhole.com/5-9-high-desert-horror-alien-invasion-desert-witches-and-bigfoot-abduction/


EXP – Desert Monster Invasion and Interdimensional Tales! https://expansion.beliefhole.com/5-9-exp-more-high-desert-strangeness/

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TIMESTAMPS03:48 | Metal Monolith 05:38 | Coming Up: Gremlin Campground Abduction, Dumpster Diving Humanoids, Giant Insect Cattle Attacks, Unfriendly Desert Cults, and space bigfoot of the high desert! 06:25 | What is the High Desert, exactly? 07:37 | The Mojave Incident: Abduction in the Canyon | Ron Felber (Bret Swanser MU) 14:03 | The Mojave Incident: Discussion 23:26 | Dumpster Preppy and Spare Parts | Albert Rosales 27:50 | Podcast Shoutout: Symptoms of Reality-Belief Hole Guest Lamar Dixon 30:13 | Coming up in the Expansion: Red eyed Creature droppings, Transdimensional Gas stations, Native Americans rescue Alien Babies, Run ins with desert cults. 30:48 | Podcast Recommendation: Southern Gothic 35:31 | Black Eyed Wondering Witch in the Desert | JC Johnson – Crypto Four Corners 39:45 | White She-Demon in the Desert | Art Bell: Ghost to Ghost (1997) 46:27 | Releasing Monsters in the Desert 52:49 | Cattle Stealing Insects | Nick Redfern (MU) 58:56 | Member Thank Yous! 1:06:18 | Outtakes