5.3 A Matter of Perspective? The Great Flat Earth Debate

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We had the pleasure of hosting a discussion on….the shape of the earth. Great arguments are made on both sides and it’s definitely something to think about if you have the luxury of time to ponder such things. In corner 1 was Moral Bob of the Hidden in Plain Sight podcast, corner 2 was Danunaki Dan of Rising From the Ashes, and moderating along with us was Andy from the Deep Share, Homie Romie (cohost of Rising From the Ashes), Ron from Wicked Planet and Ryan from Dangerous World. We had a great time choppin it up with these dudes and no matter what you think of the shape of the earth, use your fuckin turn signals for Christ’s sake. Thanks for tuning in and as always you can catch the video of this episode via the links below. Don’t ever stop questioning, especially yourself! (cringe)

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