5.19 | It Happened on Halloween II – True Horror Stories or Trick or Treat Terror

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The neighborhood is alive with the sounds of the season. It’s Halloween, a time for managed mischief and macabre fun, when parents watch vigilantly as kids carry their pillow sacks like body bags from door to door, searching for their next victim as they threaten ‘trick or treat. But as you take a break from the party and smiling, step out into the dark of the night, just remember, this time of year, The darkness is smiling back.

From roadside reapers and disembodied hands, to uninvited guests, that creep in costume through your home, join us on this episode of Belief Hole, as we peer through the gloom and watch for intruders from beyond the veil.

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⏰ TIMESTAMPS:00:00 | Episode Trailer 07:31 | New Dark Mountain Mystery and Paranormal Ambience Channel on Youtube 08:43 | Coming Up: Gorilla Man Home Invasion, Trick-or-Treat Imposters, Dancing Disembodied Hands, Spider Conjuring and Overlapping Worlds! 09:34 | The Gorilla | Cameran 16:40 | What the Ouija Wrought | Suzanne Mallette | North Bay, Ontario, Canada | October 1981 25:46 | The Halloween Girl | Alan | Fairfield, Massachusetts | 1984 37:43 | Twitching and Tapping | Jade Fingland | Glasgow, Scotland | Halloween. 41:06 | Green Scaly Hand | Hand of Glory 44:23 | The Woman in White | Anonymous | 1980s 48:55 | Coming up on the Expansion: Glamour vamping-a look into the vampire lifestyles thru the ages | Bloody True Stories of Real Vampires 50:40 | Expansion Preview 55:54 | Happy Birthday Fiona Queen of Halloween! 56:06 | Paper Spell Found in Prescription Bottle 58:56 | Road Reaper | Shawn Spivey | Nisqually Indian reservation | Halloween 1:04:04 | Nisqually Ancient Origins Connection/ Flood Myth 1:06:07 | It Wasn’t a Costume | Mina | Colorado Springs | October 31st, 2016. 1:14:42 | Drain Conjure | Greg | October, 2017 | Bend, OR 1:23:43 | Leshy from the Thinning Veil | Amanda | East Texas | 2021 1:34:15 | Thank Yous!