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So there’s a cool shift happening with this months new moon. And this is something you are definitely going to want to take advantage of. With the energy of this new moon there will also be a wonderful opportunity to clear your “energetic slate”. Many of us unknowingly create counter productive energy that we hold onto for months and many times years. They come in the form of fears, worries, and frustration.


At this time some very deep rooted fears are beginning to surface, but with this energetic event will also come an opportunity to pull them out by the root and create new energetic habits. We all create energetic habits and thought patterns, usually without realizing that’s what we are doing. Until they surface…


Then it can be unsettling. On today’s podcast I’m going to tell you about a 4 step process that will help you align with this new energy, rid yourself of counter productive “junk”, and create new energetic habits. 

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