395: Episode 395 – SFGT | Lily Madwhip – A Magician is Going to Murder My Best Friend

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Episode 395 – SFGT | Lily Madwhip – A Magician is Going to Murder My Best Friend
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Lily Madwhip, the girl with the gift, has recently met a man who appears to be more weasel than man, and whose steadfast on finding Meredith and ensuring she hurts nobody else. She needs to reach Meredith and fast should anything happen to her, and is able to prevent other catastrophes that have been set in motion?

Welcome listeners to your weekly dose of stories and fables, and today I have for you Lily Madwhip, I think a magician is going to murder my best friend. Goodness, Mr weasel man as Lily puts it, the reveal-er of secrets has one keen vendetta against her friend…but that’s not all that’s going on folks, rest assured, and more will be hinted to at the end. Right now I’m drinking Monk pear Tea mates….monk…pear…tea. Let me just say, one of the first premium teas I’ve ever tasted when I was first getting into teas. It has jasmine, bergamot, monk pear, green tea leaves and more, heaven mates pure heaven. So please try it yourself, that’s Monkpear tea – gota be a favourite of mine. Now, turn the lights off, the sound up, and join me for the tale that is Lily Madwhip, and the Weasel Magician.

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