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39# – The 5G controversy – Hazardous to our health or future of communications? This week we talk about the up coming launch of 5G, Are the frequencies used for 5g harmful to our health or is it just a lot of worry over nothing?. We discuss the concerns and information people have regarding this new untested technology, and the potential effects of exposing the human body to the ever growing range of signals surrounding our body’s on a daily basis. We also take a look at this week’s NASA News headlines. How the new Mars Hellicopter is crushing the bench tests and how NASA plan a real world simulation of an global killing asteroid and how it would handle the situation. We also has a very special report from Talyor on location at Donington Race track and loads more news and opinions from us hear at the NASA bunker. If you want to get your tickets for pint of science #pint19 then head of to pintofscience.co.uk/events/Manchester

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