380: Episode 380 – SFGT | Death in the Saddle “MYSTERY HOUSE” Old Time Radio [Remastered]

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Episode 380 – SFGT | Death in the Saddle “MYSTERY HOUSE” Old Time Radio [Remastered]

Death in the Saddle – Murder Mystery
Link: https://www.zootradio.com/Mystery_House.php
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Two Rodeo riders make a bet of $5000 dollars, that one of them can’t ride every horse in their stable, in fact, there is one horse that can’t be ridden in their stable, so you’d think that this bet…would favour one of these gambling men. But a tragedy awaits one of our gamblers, and a mystery is born from death of a rodeo champion. And just so you know, that’s equivalent to 89,000 dollars…by no means a small beat, and definitely, enough to want to kill a man. Welcome listeners, I have for you an Old Time Radio from Mystery House – Death in the Saddle 1940’s; a murder mystery. So, turn the lights off, the sound up, and get ready for a classic.

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