377: Episode 377 – SFGT | Demonology and Demon Lore – Fire Demons [Part 2/2]

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Episode 377 – SFGT | Demonology and Devil Lore – Fire Demons 1879 [Part 2/2]

Demonology and Devil Lore
Links: www.gutenberg.org/files/40686/4068…86-h.htm#v1ch1.2

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Topic: #Demons #Demonology #Vampire #Spirits #Gods
Welcome listeners to part 2 of Demonology and Lore regarding Fire Demons. Nothing quite like learning more about the impact of fire on our cultures, and the mythology and lore that influenced the demons of the old days. Today I’ll be continuing to cover more Moncure Daniel Conway’s book, and adding my own little bits of information to spice it up where I think I can add more value.

So let me give you a taster on what I’m covering today:
– The practices of jumping over fires
– rituals involving fires that were culled short due to Christian beliefs
– Mysticism surround fire as a tool of clarity and divination
– Fire to summons and conjure spirits to heal, and more focus on fire in mysticism

Now, turn the lights off, the sound up, and get ready to…learn something different.

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