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In Episode 331: The Devil’s In The Music, we are joined by Joel who is one half of the new music group called VanTesla. VanTesla flew into Philadelphia to record multiple shows in the studio with me, both for The Confessionals and for my radio show Rage Against Dystopia, which will broadcast on Tuesday (4/20/21) at 8pm EST only on Fringe.FM.

Joel and I sat down to talk about the paranormal experiences he has been through in his life. He begins by sharing how his father almost got sucked into a Satanic cult while he was in college, and how those experiences changed his life’s trajectory to become a pastor. Though he grew up with his dad warning him of the dangers that lay in the darkness, Joel decided to take his own path. He dated a woman who practiced the dark arts, and the baggage she carried spilled into their relationship to the point that she became demonically possessed, as a demon took control of her body to speak to Joel. Joel became more deeply involved in music, which lead him to become a Free Mason in an attempt to gain power and fortune. He shares his experiences as a Free Mason in the “Overtime” segment of Episode 331, available for members on the member site, as well as his bizarre UFO encounter that caused me to wonder if he had seen several ships returning to a mother ship with abductees.

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