#33: The War on Whistleblowers

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The Department of Homeland Security ran an advertising campaign targeting the American people where the tagline was “if you see something, say something”. You mean like Chelsea Manning did? Or like Julian Assange? What about Edward Snowden?

American history is littered with examples of people that “saw something” then later “say something” being buried under the jail while the real perpetrators walk free without so much as even an investigation. It is also the sign of a dying empire that those speaking out against government corruption are targeted for elimination in order to keep the crimes secret.

President Obama put more whistleblowers in prison that all American presidents combined, so this is trending in the wrong direction especially considering the uncertain times ahead of the country. As corrupt policing is becoming more widespread, more whistleblowers will begin to emerge into a world where they mistakenly believe that they will be protected by the government. They won’t.

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