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3 Spiritual Tools You Need To Be Using Now!

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I wanted to do something for you during this time of high anxiety because it can leave you feeling out of control (hence the food hoarding and toilet paper buying). This type of behavior is usually what happens when you feel this way. It gives you a false sense of security and like you have some kind of control over the situation. 

Well truthfully you do…and it starts with three super important spiritual tools that you need to utilize now!

1) Mindset – It all begins with a mindset. There’s a lot that goes into an event like this and it’s not physical. There are a lot of Universal Laws that are in play. And when you understand how those things work, you can actually create a very different experience for yourself. You can download your copy of the book I talk about in the podcast here: http://bit.ly/UniversalLaw (during the time of this podcast it was FREE but it might not be any longer)

2) Clearing Energy – During such a high anxiety time, you will need to learn how to clear energy or be “reminded” of how important it is to be doing at this particular point in time. (You can find this meditation on my YouTube channel)

3) Spiritual Distancing – Here’s where the podcast comes in. If you are struggling I’d like you to tune into this podcast to learn more about Spiritual Distancing.

I really do hope that you take advantage of these tools! I think you will find them super useful. 🙂

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